Dear Hal’s,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help that your staff provided when my Mitsubishi was in need of repair. If you recall, I had the car towed to Sacramento Mitsubishi. After running a diagnostic check on the car, I was advised by the Sacramento Mitsubishi representative that the transmission had failed completely and would have to be replaced. I was taken aback when I was quoted an estimate of $1,000 to $3000.

I lacked confidence in the diagnosis and estimate that I was provided. I decided to have the car towed to Hal’s Auto Care, which I should have done initially! Your staff provided an accurate diagnosis and repaired my car for approximately $130. I saved at least $1,000 and possibly as much as $2,900. In addition to diagnosing and correcting the primary concern, your staff also located other areas of concern and corrected them at minimal cost. Thank you so much!

As a member of the Law Enforcement community, I appreciate having someone I can trust providing the necessary service for my vehicle. I have referred several friends and co-workers to your shop and will continue to do so.

Thank you again!
Kelli Maness

Dear Mike,

I am so thankful for all you do for taking care of my car. You are all fine people and I’m so grateful to know my car is in good hands.

Thank you.
Marie Biggers


Thank you so much for the terrific work on my Toyota 4-Runner! You have a really professional, knowledgeable staff. It’s like having a brand new car. I feel safe and secure knowing that my car has been serviced by Hal’s. Now I need to take an extended road trip!


Steve Pongratz

Hal’s Auto Care
2425 Tower Ave.
Sacramento, Ca.

Dear Russ,
I am compelled to write you and thank you for all you have done for me. I just completed the sale of my 2000 Chrysler 300M and I am convinced that one of the biggest reasons I sold this car for above retail book value was the care and advice I was given by you and your mechanics!
When the gentleman who wanted to buy my car saw that I had over 105,000 miles on it he was concerned to say the least. After talking to him and letting him drive the car he felt better but was still not sure. He was concerned about the mileage. If you recall I called you and asked you to fax over my repair order from my 100,000-mile service that you had done about 5 months earlier. After he saw who did the service and the fact that you recommended exactly what the manufacturer did, the sale was completed.

It has been three months since I sold this car and I still see the man who bought my Chrysler and he is still thrilled with it. I owe the sale to you because you did what should have been done and treated my car like it was your own.

Thank you Russ and thank everyone else for me as well.


Steven L. Clauson
Elk Grove

P.S. Thank you again for the referral for my new car. I appreciate knowing that you did not feel you were the service company for my new car and you sent me somewhere almost as good as Hal’s!

Hey guys,

I’d like to give you my top 3 reasons for bringing my 1995 Toyota 4-runner into Hal’s. My first thought’s were: can you spell Honesty, Integrity and Honor??? My second thought was Mike, Ron and Eddie.

Although I believe that all the staff and mechanics at Hal’s are equally qualified, like I said, it was my second thought. The third thought I had was, there is no fourth thought. I just wouldn’t take my truck anywhere else.

My thanks and gratitude to all of you for over 10 years of excellent service.

Thank you!
Kris Kessell

Mike Schedler
C/O Hals Auto

Dear Mike,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
A friend that is also a single woman referred me to your shop. We tend to stick together! She told me how she was treated at your repair shop and most of all she said she trusted you completely!

I am now one of your raving fans for life! When I brought in my 2002 VW Passat for what sounded like grinding you immediately flew into action and diagnosed the problem as needing new front brakes. What was even more impressive than that was that you took the time to show me what was going on and exactly what you needed to do and why. Not something I was used to at the dealership! You even got me set up with a rental car while I waited which I really appreciate.

When I got my car back the next day I couldn’t believe the difference. No more noise, no more pulling to one side and it drove like it was new. Thank you for being someone I can trust with my car. This is something rare these days and you can bet that I will tell my friends who you are and why I won’t go anywhere else.

Mary Larsen

August 15, 2007

Dear Hal’s Auto Care,

I’ve been coming to Hal’s Auto Care for service on my 2005 Toyota Corolla, for almost two years. I appreciate your professionalism, courteousness and friendliness.

I feel so confident of your service that I have referred several friends, who are also very satisfied with the service they have received on their autos.

Thank You,

Connie Moser

Hal’s Auto Care, Inc.
June 6, 2006

Dear Mike,

I have been coming to your shop for over 15 years, and I enjoy the kindness and professionalism of all your employees. Each time I have brought my vehicles in for repairs I have felt as if I were going home to friends and family.

I have always felt confident in all the work that has been done and have never felt that I was overcharged or went home feeling something wasn’t right. You and your employees have shown the highest in honesty and integrity.

I have often told friends and family about your shop and the ones that have been there feel as I do.

I wish you many years of continued success. It has truly been an honor doing business with you.

Kathy Dean


You rock! I completely trust you and your staff to do what needs to be done on my Toyota Solara. The quality of the work you do is truly second to none and having the ability to drop my car off and pick up a cheap rental for the day makes Hal’s my only choice for auto maintenance.


Randy Carlson

Hal’s Auto Care, Inc.
2425 Tower Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825

Re: Chevy Blazer & GMC Pickup

Dear Hal’s

There are two qualities missing in American business today, and that is Honesty & Integrity. You will find both of those qualities here at Hal’s Auto Care.

You can trust the care of your car or truck to Hal’s, and know that you will always be treated with courtesy and respect.

Hal’s holds fast to the true American values that make our country great!

Sincerely – A satisfied customer

Rod Washington

June 6, 2006

Hal’s Auto Care, Inc.

I appreciate the service Hal’s Auto Care has provided me in the past years.

They reflect a knowledgeable business approach to their service.

My experience has been that only needed repairs have been performed, with no over selling, no over repair and no over charging.

Their facility is clean and orderly, reflecting the quality of the jobs being done.

It is good to see the second generation of management and ownership carrying on the same quality of service.


Rolly Ingraham

Ford Focus
Ford Taurus
Pace Arrow Motor Home

Hal’s Auto Care
C/O Mike Schedler
2425 Tower Avenue
Sacto., Ca.

RE: 2000 Honda Accord

Dear Hal’s,

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the exceptional care I receive whenever I bring my Accord into your shop. It is so nice having mechanics I can trust and that always do a great job on my car.

My car is so reliable thanks to your shop and when something needs to be done you explain it to me in the terms that I understand. My car loves you, I love you and you always do great job! What else is there?

Thank you again,

Diana Shmaun

Dear Mike,

Wow! It is such a pleasure having your mechanics taking care of my car. As a woman I sometimes feel like some places try to take advantage of me. This has NEVER been the case at Hal’s. Your advisors have always taken the time to completely explain what needed to be done and why. One day when I was in and I met your Mom I understood why you treat people the way you do. You were raised to be respectful of others and it shows in how you run your business.

Having your staff working on my car gives me peace of mind, they are as fast as possible and I really appreciate knowing the background of the family that runs Hal’s. Your Mom told me about that!

Thank you so much for all you do for me.

Toni Carlson